Foothills United Methodist Church
Thursday, January 17, 2019
Growing in grace.... Serving with love.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

9:30 AM and 11 AM Worship Services


January 6, 2019 marks Epiphany Sunday and you are invited to celebrate with us and bring a “white gift” to offer to God, just as the wise men offered their gifts of devotion to the baby Jesus.

Your gifts will be donated to the Nomadic Shelter Ministry and to the Center for Violence-Free Relationships.  Please bring your gift, wrapped in white, to worship on Sunday, January 6.



Epiphany Gift Suggestions      Print friendly list

Benefiting:   Nomadic Shelter Guests and  Center for Violence-Free Relationships


Nomadic Shelter


¨ socks - men's and women's

¨ hoodies/sweatshirts

¨ knit hats

¨ underwear - men's and women's

Paper Products:

¨ toilet paper

¨ paper towels


¨ coffee


The Center for Violence-Free Relationships

¨ El Dorado transit bus passes

¨ Gas gift cards


¨ clothing gift cards

¨ slippers


¨ food gift cards

¨ tuna and cracker packets

¨ granola bars and protein bars

¨ packaged individual nuts, dried fruits or trail mix

¨ whole bean coffee

¨ herbal tea bags

¨ toddler instant food packages

Paper Products:

¨ diapers

¨ paper towels (half sheets)

¨ gallon, quart and sandwich Ziploc bags

¨ tissues

¨ hot cups - 8 and 16 oz.

¨ cold cups - 8 and 16 oz.

¨ Dixie cups - 4-6 oz.

¨ paper plates, soup & salad bowls

Other Items:

¨ liquid hand soap

¨ toiletries

¨ new bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths