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December 1, 2016

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Things are a-shaking on the new building front.  At annual Church Conference the Building Committee shared our current status and some ideas of next steps forward.  The current status is hopeful.  The general fund has become strong, and our capital campaign has already raised over $315,000. The target goal for full build-out and furnishing of the new building is approximately $1.2 million. 

Among the discussion points at Church Conference was a “Three-Thirds” strategy to move forward.  Over 1/3 of the total building cost will be raised by our current capitol campaign, which ends June 2018.  The Three-Thirds Plan envisions another sustaining capital campaign to secure commitments for a second 1/3 (roughly $400,000) and then financing the final 1/3 with faith that needed funds will be raised a decade from now.  The Building Committee recommends this strategy, and the consensus of Church Conference attendees concurred.

A second key question regards timing of this sustaining capital campaign: do we wait a year for the close of the initial campaign in June 2018 or move this coming spring to establish the viability of construction a year earlier? The enthusiastic consensus from attendees was to move now and not wait.

We are thrilled with the excitement in the room and will move forward in the coming months to build a plan for a sustaining capital campaign, securing approval form our membership and our local UMC District, and beginning the building process with permits and finalized plans.

Expect to see more in the coming month!



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