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April 1, 2017 - Is it Time?

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Foothills is at a turning point for the New Building project. With nearly $350,000 in hand and over another $70,000 pledged we are well-positioned to secure funding to begin the building process.  Since the entire project will cost about 1.2 million, we will need to borrow about $800,000 over the course of final design, construction, and fitting out. 
To assure that such a loan is sustainable, last fall our Foothills Church Conference adopted a “Three Thirds” plan: the first third is our current capital campaign, the second third would be a follow on capital campaign to assure a revenue stream for the first years of paying a mortgage, and the final third would be future funding to finally pay off the note.
In the coming weeks, our Capital Campaign Committee will be sharing plans to secure the “second third” – a plan to raise an additional $400,000 over the next 5-6 years.  Success securing this continued funding will signal to the Building Committee to move forward in securing a construction loan and starting this long dreamed of project.
Our FUMC Fellowship Hall has been a vision since the founding of Foothills.  IS now the time?  Our general fund is sound, our “first third” continues to flow in.  A “second third” of planned income with be the final piece to launch the project forward.  Please keep eyes and ears open for this exciting new campaign!


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