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November 2012

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In the last few months the building committee has shared a colored rendering of the proposed Multipurpose building as well as an architectural plan. We also staked out the footprint on the church campus. The committee has tried to respond to questions. There have been several question and answer sessions after church. The FUMC website also has supporting materials: Past newsletter articles, frequently answered questions, pictures and architectural plans. The next step is to decide if we as a congregation want to go ahead with fundraising for the proposed building. This fundraising is called a capital campaign and is separate from the operating budget campaign.
If we decide to have a capital campaign, clear and thorough communication will be a necessary element. There will be a variety of activities over a 4 to 5 month period of time proposed to begin in January, 2013 and continuing until May. The activities will be designed to reach all members of the congregation.
We have had the benefit of a professional advisor. Congregations who have effective communication, organization and leadership have much more success in reaching their goals. You may be asking, what are some of these roles and activities? Those include: Campaign Chair, Advance Commitment Chair, Special Events, Hospitality, Communication, Prayer Team Chair, Children and Youth Activities Team Chair, Materials Delivery Team Chair, Commitment/Follow-Up Team Chair, and Enduring Gifts Chair.
An entire description of each leadership position and associated activities as well as time lines for each is available on the FUMC website. Please visit this list and assess your personal strengths and gifts. The campaign will only work if we have volunteers for leadership and membership on committees.
Fred A, Chair and Building Committee Members


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