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August 2012

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The Building Committee has been hard at work and we are ready to show you what we have been up to in the last few months. As you may recall, over the last several years, we conducted a feasibility study, had an architectural drawing submitted and a building concept approved by the church Charge Conference. The committee reflected on the plan as well as considered comments from the congregation and concluded that the architectural plan although beautiful in its structure, the cost as presented, was prohibitive.
The dilemma for the committee was to be true to the integrity of the concept but also reduce the overall cost of the proposed new structure. With that in mind we consulted with Lou G. and Kerry K.   We then connected with Mark Roberts, a commercial architect located in Folsom. Mark has worked with the committee biweekly starting earlier this spring. We have settled on a design, and will have an artist’s colored rendering as well as a dimension footprint to share with you. Our surprises will take shape for you on Sunday, August 26. Join us for more information, food and celebration right after church. As more information comes to us, we will be sharing that with the congregation throughout the fall.


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