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April 2013

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Building Our Legacy

For several years now we have been thinking about expanding! Now we’re talking about expanding in more than one way. We can put our efforts in to increasing our membership. We can increase our ministries and programs. We can increase our outreach to the community. There are many areas in which we can expand. And, all these areas are of vital importance to help us spread the love of God to all people. But, there is one obstacle to our unlimited growth! We have only so much space in our beautiful building and that space is being utilized constantly.   We need more room!
Five years ago the building committee was formed to address the space needs of our church. We listened to the various groups and committees and finally came up with a plan for a fellowship hall that will enable us to serve not only our own ministries, but to reach out to the community as well. We have wonderful things going on in our church and we need to be able to share God’s love with not only those who walk through our doors, but those in the community at large. We have a legacy to pass on! Our capital campaign gives us the means to pass this legacy on. We hope that you will prayerfully consider being a part of this campaign. Please remember that your gift may be many things; your time, your talents, your support, and your money. No gift is too small and all are greatly appreciated.
On Sunday, April 7, we will be announcing our plans for the Building Our Legacy campaign during worship. You will learn more about what we are doing and about our goals. The following Saturday, April 13, will be an all-church celebration with dinner and entertainment for all!  This is one event that you will not want to miss. Everyone is invited!
Shirley S., Communications Team


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