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December 1, 2014

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There has been quite a bit of activity in the church "back forty." There have been several tractors leveling out a new area for the volleyball court and moving new railroad ties in place. Some of the old sand has been moved to the new site but more "new" sand will need to be added and leveled. Several of the seating areas around the volleyball court will need to be moved and repaired.
In addition to the work on the volleyball court, there are three memorial crepe myrtle trees that were moved toward the back of the church building. We are hoping that the trees will survive the move. The volleyball court and trees were under the foot print of our proposed new building.
There are also three new redwood trees and two dogwoods planted near the fire-pit.
Some people have been aware of the participation of many people in the congregation putting "sweat equity" in the building of the sanctuary. Times and building codes are a little different but there are still some opportunities to add your handprint on the preparation for a new building.
-you can help finish the volleyball court -the fenced-in garden will need to be taken down and bricks moved to create some raised beds near the labyrinth behind the education building -there is a pile of decomposed granite that needs to be spread on the ABC Garden walkway. (Check out C.J. Olander's Eagle Scout project, now completed. The little girl fountain and planter are beautiful---the deer have appreciated the flowers!) -there is a pile of compost that needs to be distributed on the planting areas of the ABC Garden.
Any help you can provide would be gratefully appreciated. We can accommodate your days and time. Talk to Fred Arth or Jeanne P.


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