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Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Building Blog

Check here for updates on our new Building Project.  These artciles have also appeared in the monthly FUMC newsletters, Foothills Family Times.
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Building Blog

November 1, 2016

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The tax man cometh!  (And no, we don’t mean St. Matthew.)

This time of year we are sometimes looking for additional deductions to close out our annual tax adventure.  What a timely way to join your legacy to Foothills’ legacy with an additional contribution to our new building fund!  Not only can all give directly to the fund, but required distributions from instruments such as IRAs can be gifted to the church.  If you are thinking of additional giving by year’s end, please consider the FUMC new building project.

Thank you for your continued support!

September 1, 2016

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Greetings from your new Building Committee!  In April we shared an update on the new building plan.  One key consideration for the speed at which we might move forward is the health of the Foothills general budget.  I am happy to report that, through your continued generosity, Foothills grows more financially healthy each quarter.

The new building fund currently has just under $300,000 dollars in hand.  We expect the current capital campaign to raise over another $100,000 dollars through June of 2018.  This means we have a great start towards this million-dollar project.  Our next steps will be to develop a business plan to extend our fundraising in support of starting construction.  The committee is planning an all-church discussion in conjunction with our fall annual Church Conference.  We will be discussing prospects, visions, and plans for 2017.

How can you help at this time? If you have pledged support, please remember to stay current on your commitment.  If you would like to pledge, or increase your pledge, your gifts are always welcome.  If you would like to join the committee, new members are always welcome.  And do keep those prayers rolling!  Any questions? Talk to Paul Hoagland or drop a note in his box at church.

Many thanks to all, Paul H.

September 1, 2015

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First, thank you to the many who dropped by our table at Hot August Sundays. 

As we discussed in April, our current strategy around the new building is to grow our building fund through gifts and investment while working at some small preliminary projects.  Our building the capital fund is clearly job one before we consider breaking ground.  In the quarter from April 1 to June 30 we received an additional $6,500 in gifts and our investments added another $6,000.  At the end of June our building funds totally about $243,000 dollars. This is steady progress and very much appreciated.  We will continue to update these data each quarter.  We would anticipate the biggest quarter any year will be October-December as folks finalize their annual charities.

You will have noticed the future site of the new building sign.  This is a great reminder for all or us and communication to new members and guests.  We hope it will continue to inspire efforts and perseverance to realize this long held dream of Foothills.

At our Hot August Sundays table we did get some input from members which will go into an updated FAQs document when someone (uh, yeah that would be me) gets them done.  In the meantime you can ALWAYS add questions – just drop a note in the Building (Paul) mailbox by the church office.  We’d love to hear from you.

Many thanks to all, Paul H.

April 1, 2015

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Greetings to all from your “New Building” committee. We wanted to give the Foothills family a brief update on the progress of our capital funding campaign and what lies ahead for the new building.
As many will recall, our planned fellowship hall is estimated to cost roughly 1.2 million dollars. Our five-year capital campaign pledged about $460,000 towards this goal. Less than two years into the campaign your generosity has already raised over $225,000. Thank you! While we have lost some pledgers recently, I expect this total to double over the next three years. We are investing these funds to gain the benefit of compound interest even as we prepare for the next steps.
What ARE the next steps?
  1. Continue to grow our capital fund balance through donations and investments.
  2. Initiate preliminary projects that complete baseline tasks with minimal expense.
  3. Secure a funding stream to support debt maintenance should we launch construction before accumulating total project funding.
We’ve already discussed number 1 – going well! Number 2 is also in motion as evidenced by transplanted trees, a migrating volleyball court, and a vanishing garden plot. 
Number 3, a secure revenue stream, will be the big piece of the puzzle. As you know, our general fund is not presently ready to take on a mortgage. Launching construction with borrowed money would not be prudent at this time. But as our capital fund grows, unexpected gifts arrive, and our general fund grows more robust we will continue to evaluate different timelines and funding models. I expect to update the congregation at least quarterly and no large financial commitment will be made without open discussion at church council. Your Building Committee is committed to good stewardship of the gifts you have made to the Foothills legacy.
As we continue moving this project forward you should always feel comfortable asking questions. 
Many thanks for your continued support!
Paul H.

December 1, 2014

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There has been quite a bit of activity in the church "back forty." There have been several tractors leveling out a new area for the volleyball court and moving new railroad ties in place. Some of the old sand has been moved to the new site but more "new" sand will need to be added and leveled. Several of the seating areas around the volleyball court will need to be moved and repaired.
In addition to the work on the volleyball court, there are three memorial crepe myrtle trees that were moved toward the back of the church building. We are hoping that the trees will survive the move. The volleyball court and trees were under the foot print of our proposed new building.
There are also three new redwood trees and two dogwoods planted near the fire-pit.
Some people have been aware of the participation of many people in the congregation putting "sweat equity" in the building of the sanctuary. Times and building codes are a little different but there are still some opportunities to add your handprint on the preparation for a new building.
-you can help finish the volleyball court -the fenced-in garden will need to be taken down and bricks moved to create some raised beds near the labyrinth behind the education building -there is a pile of decomposed granite that needs to be spread on the ABC Garden walkway. (Check out C.J. Olander's Eagle Scout project, now completed. The little girl fountain and planter are beautiful---the deer have appreciated the flowers!) -there is a pile of compost that needs to be distributed on the planting areas of the ABC Garden.
Any help you can provide would be gratefully appreciated. We can accommodate your days and time. Talk to Fred Arth or Jeanne P.

November 1, 2014

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We have a threshold point of $250,000 needed on pledges received before loan agencies will help us develop a financing plan to present to a Church Charge Conference.  As of September 30, 2014, we have received $189,539.  This amount is ahead of schedule for 1+ years of pledges (an average of $100,000 for five years beginning in July, 2013) and means we are 76% of the way there! 
If you have not made a pledge and would like to, there are pledge forms at the Get Connected table at church or you can have one sent to you. Just email the office at or call 530.677.4910. If you would like to make an “early” pledge payment, please feel free to do so!   If you’d like to make a one-time contribution without pledging, you can do so by indicating “New Building” or “Building Our Legacy” on your check.
Other ways to help:  Saturday, November 8 is a church clean-up day.  We will be moving the volleyball court and fenced garden to be out of the new building footprint.  Come and help us.  If you cannot help that day, get in touch with Fred Arth for ideas that you can complete on your own schedule. 

May 1, 2014

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What’s Happening With the New Building?
We have had questions on the building and the capital campaign, so it is time for an update. The capital campaign ran last year in the spring that resulted in $465,000 in pledges. The official fund beginning was July 1, 2013, continuing for 5 years. This averages a little under $100,000 per year. The good news is that we have a total of $175,000 in pledges in Foundation savings and local savings. We are “ahead of schedule” in pledges paid.
In addition to the funds listed above, we have spent money for architectural plans, site plan as well as structural engineering plans. This information was necessary to get detailed and reliable estimate of costs for the building. A contractor has estimated that the building will cost in today’s terms, between $1.2 to 1.6 million (the higher amount is allowing a cushion for an unforeseen costs, or situations).
A next step is to develop a financial plan to present to a Church Charge Conference.   The financial organizations that we have contacted have said that any discussion of loans would depend on 20-25% cash-on-hand. Thus we need to continue to collect pledges until we meet that goal. We are better than half way toward that goal. Any “early” pledges gratefully received!
If you would like to support this endeavor or have questions, please talk to Fred A., Jeanne P., or Pastor Mike. 

October 2013

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Look for some stepping stones and footprints on the left entrance wall moving around the corner toward the kitchen.  These stepping stones represent each step necessary to develop a tight figure for building a fellowship hall.  As the footprints appear on the stepping stone, you know that that step has been completed.  We are expecting to have a Charge Conference early in 2014 to consider a building plan.


September 2013

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Our goal is to have a Church Charge Conference in November to present an accurate picture of the cost of a new building as well as financing possibilities.   There have been a number of “behind the scene” events that have taken place and several other events to occur in the next few months in preparation for the Church Charge Conference.
In June, a structural engineer developed a preliminary schematic plan for foundation and roof. In early July, you my have seen markings around the church yard as well as some airplane flyovers. The information was used to produce a boundary survey and topographic survey. This information is being used to develop an engineer’s site plan (Aug to early Sept). These data can then be submitted to several estimating contractors to obtain a detailed estimate of construction cost (Sept). Once we have these estimates, we will meet with the District Committee of Church Location and Building for advice and approval (Oct). We will then be able to present all of these findings, as well as financing options and recommendations, to a Church Charge Conference (Nov).
There is a preliminary project schedule posted near the site plans in the hallway leading to the kitchen as well as under “New Building Project.”
Please feel free to ask questions of any of the building committee members.
Fred A., Building Committee Chair

June 2013

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You are all so awesome! As of the date of this writing, $453,000 has been raised in donations and pledges! Of that $453,000, $104,000 in cash is already in the bank. Thanks be to God! Fifty eight families made these donations and pledges representing about one third of our congregation. We anticipate more pledges to still come in, thereby enabling us to reach our goal of $500,000. 
Thanks to the many people who helped in this campaign! A total of sixty one adults participated either in leadership or behind the scenes, while approximately fifty children and youth were busy making aprons to sell. And, a special thanks to Jeanne Pfeifer who took reins on this campaign and kept us all on task. Like I said above, you are all so awesome!
The first members of this church took a leap of faith. They had to acquire land and build a building! We already have our land and two buildings already paid for. We can add a fellowship hall to increase and enrich our ministries! As one of the campaign leaders said, “we are called to serve God out of thankfulness for his grace and to share all that we have received….through service to each other and the community.” Let us continue to serve Him.
Shirley S., Co-chair Communications