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Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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Building Blog

Check here for updates on our new Building Project.  These artciles have also appeared in the monthly FUMC newsletters, Foothills Family Times.
… no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him. 1 Cor. 2:9 NVT
Building Blog

December 2012

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On November 4, Commitment Sunday, Pastor Dave distributed a questionnaire asking people to respond to spiritual growth opportunities as well as willingness to serve in a capacity to support a capital fundraising campaign for a new fellowship hall.
The majority of people who have filled in their responses thus far to Pastor Dave’s survey have given positive commitments to start a capital campaign in early 2013. Thirty of the responders listed specific ways that they would help with the capital campaign. There were 16 people who did not list a specific role they would play. To date eight people indicated that the congregation should wait and think about this project some more. The survey is still available at church and we would like to hear from you.
With this positive support, we will be putting together a fundraising team in December, 2012 and January 2013 which will present a plan of action to a special Church charge conference in late January..
The building committee is excited to extend all of the ministries in which we are engaged particularly children, youth and people in need. We look forward to facilities that can accommodate and extend the many activities that occur throughout the week.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any of the building team members: Fred A., Helen H., Kathleen W., Shirley S., Alice B., Sandy T., Gary C., Jeanne P.
Fred A., Building Committee Chair

November 2012

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In the last few months the building committee has shared a colored rendering of the proposed Multipurpose building as well as an architectural plan. We also staked out the footprint on the church campus. The committee has tried to respond to questions. There have been several question and answer sessions after church. The FUMC website also has supporting materials: Past newsletter articles, frequently answered questions, pictures and architectural plans. The next step is to decide if we as a congregation want to go ahead with fundraising for the proposed building. This fundraising is called a capital campaign and is separate from the operating budget campaign.
If we decide to have a capital campaign, clear and thorough communication will be a necessary element. There will be a variety of activities over a 4 to 5 month period of time proposed to begin in January, 2013 and continuing until May. The activities will be designed to reach all members of the congregation.
We have had the benefit of a professional advisor. Congregations who have effective communication, organization and leadership have much more success in reaching their goals. You may be asking, what are some of these roles and activities? Those include: Campaign Chair, Advance Commitment Chair, Special Events, Hospitality, Communication, Prayer Team Chair, Children and Youth Activities Team Chair, Materials Delivery Team Chair, Commitment/Follow-Up Team Chair, and Enduring Gifts Chair.
An entire description of each leadership position and associated activities as well as time lines for each is available on the FUMC website. Please visit this list and assess your personal strengths and gifts. The campaign will only work if we have volunteers for leadership and membership on committees.
Fred A, Chair and Building Committee Members

October 2012

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When I was asked to write something about the proposed new building for the newsletter, I thought, what am I going to say? I’m not a finance person, or a designer, or an architect. What I am, though, is someone who really loves God and cares about the ministry of this church. And I believe this new building can help us reach more people and better serve the Lord.
I have been a member of this church since 1984. I raised my sons in this church. For over six years I served on the staff as Youth Director. I have participated in a wide variety of ways. My experiences here have helped me grow in my service to God. I feel it is important to pass His Love on to others. This new building will make more things possible for us.
Currently, I sing in the choir. We have a membership of 36. As you can already see we’ve had to increase the choir loft in the sanctuary. While this will help us during worship, we’ve had to give up our less than ample storage and dressing space. Having a rehearsal area in another location would alleviate some of those problems. A new building would enable us to store our music and robes, allow us the space to develop and build a youth and children’s choir, in addition to giving us a place to rehearse, thus freeing up the sanctuary for other activities.
A fellowship building will make it possible for us to reach out into the community. We will be able to make the many ministries we already have even better. Our shelter to the homeless will benefit greatly by the new bathrooms with showers. Those same showers will also be much appreciated by visiting youth groups. I could go on and on, but I’m limited by space. So, please feel free talk to me or anybody on the Building Committee about this proposed endeavor. I am excited about it!
Shirley S., Building Committee

September 2012

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Our August 26 celebration revealed the proposed building footprint as well as a color rendering of the multipurpose building. We had the building’s approximate location staked out with helium balloons. The balloons may have deflated but the stakes are still in place if you would like to walk the proposed building.   We have personal-sized plans and colored rendering available to use as a guide. These are still obtainable at the entrance of the church as well as posted on our church website.
More building information will be coming during the September 23 Building presentation during the worship service.   Come and learn more about the work of the Building Committee. Be sure to check out the church website for updates and frequently asked questions.
Fred A, Building Committee Chair

August 2012

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The Building Committee has been hard at work and we are ready to show you what we have been up to in the last few months. As you may recall, over the last several years, we conducted a feasibility study, had an architectural drawing submitted and a building concept approved by the church Charge Conference. The committee reflected on the plan as well as considered comments from the congregation and concluded that the architectural plan although beautiful in its structure, the cost as presented, was prohibitive.
The dilemma for the committee was to be true to the integrity of the concept but also reduce the overall cost of the proposed new structure. With that in mind we consulted with Lou G. and Kerry K.   We then connected with Mark Roberts, a commercial architect located in Folsom. Mark has worked with the committee biweekly starting earlier this spring. We have settled on a design, and will have an artist’s colored rendering as well as a dimension footprint to share with you. Our surprises will take shape for you on Sunday, August 26. Join us for more information, food and celebration right after church. As more information comes to us, we will be sharing that with the congregation throughout the fall.