Foothills United Methodist Church
Monday, December 10, 2018
Growing in grace.... Serving with love.

Adult Small Group Studies

Adult studies are offered year-round on Sunday mornings.  These classes cover a broad selection of topics, often cross-referencing different faiths and religions from around the world.  The classes sometimes use CD’s and DVD’s to bring in viewpoints and information from others outside our community.  
Come join us at 10:45 AM each Sunday for fellowship and discussion.
Childcare is provided, if requested. Contact Katie.

Saving Jesus

Begins September 9, 2018 for 12 weeks, Room #5

In a revolutionary DVD-based small group exploration of Jesus Christ for the third millennium, over 20 leading religious voices of our day explain why they believe Jesus, our Savior, needs saving, and from what and/or whom, and how.  (A hint to where this is going: They believe that without a better understanding and characterization of the authentic Jesus in come current Christian practices and doctrines, the relevance of Jesus Christ to many people of the third millennium is at stake." 

Feel free to share your reactions and thoughts in group discussion that follows each DVD presentation.  This program is part of the Living Questions series.

For more information, please contact Ron S. at church on Sundays or 530.620.5602.