Foothills United Methodist Church
Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Growing in grace.... Serving with love.

Adult Small Group Studies

Adult studies are offered year-round on Sunday mornings.  These classes cover a broad selection of topics, often cross-referencing different faiths and religions from around the world.  The classes sometimes use CD’s and DVD’s to bring in viewpoints and information from others outside our community.  
Come join us at 10:45 AM each Sunday for fellowship and discussion.
Childcare is provided, if requested. Contact Katie.

Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God

by Luke Timothy Johnson, Emory University

10-week DVD study beginning September 17, 10:45 AM, Room #5

Facilitated by JB and Susan Neethling

Francis Chan is a pastor and church planter and this New York Times bestseller is his first book.  He speaks to tens of thousands of people around the world about God’s love and is known for his passionate, biblical and honest style. 

“If we truly grasped the improbability and overwhelming power of God's love, we would be changed forever.  When Paul prayed for the Ephesian churches, he asked God to strengthen them so they could comprehend the incomprehensible love of God.  My prayer for you is the same.  God’s love changes everything, and I want nothing more for you than that you would understand God’s love and respond appropriately.  Never forget that we love because He first loved us.” -  Francis Chan.

Jesus and the Gospels

Beginning September 17, 10:45 AM, Room #8

Facilitated by Merwin Brown and Ron Sachs

We will be continuing this series by Luke Timothy Johnson of Emory University. The Gospel authors each had an intentional story to tell about who Jesus was and what his life and teachings mean to Christians. Professor Johnson believes that looking at each Gospel as a story having a consistent, purposeful message gives us a richer and more complete understanding of Jesus. The next series of lectures gets into studying Mark’s and Matthew’s gospels as literature. This is a good place in the series to join the group and the lively discussions that follow each presentation.