Foothills United Methodist Church
Thursday, January 17, 2019
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… no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him. 1 Cor. 2:9 NVT

Capital Campaign Positions

The next step in our new building project is to decide if we as a congregation want to go ahead with fund raising for the proposed building. This fundraising is called a capital campaign and is separate from the operating budget campaign.
If we decide to have a capital campaign, clear and thorough communication will be a necessary element. There will be a variety of activities over a 4 to 5 month period of time proposed to begin in January, 2013 and continuing until May. The activities will be designed to reach all members of the congregation.
We have had the benefit of a professional advisor. Congregations who have effective communication, organization and leadership have much more success in reaching their goals. You may be asking, what are some of these roles and activities? Those include: Campaign Chair, Advance Commitment Chair, Special Events, Hospitality, Communication, Prayer Team Chair, Children and Youth Activities Team Chair, Materials Delivery Team Chair, Commitment/Follow-Up Team Chair, Enduring Gifts Chair, and Coordinator.
See below for an entire description of each leadership position and associated activities as well as time lines for each. Please assess your personal strengths and gifts. The campaign will only work if we have volunteers for leadership and membership on committees.

Capital Campaign Leadership Positions 

Summary of Responsibility and Time Commitment

Campaign Chair
The degree of leadership and dedication of the members of the Leadership Team will greatly influence the success of the program. Your role will be to oversee the work of this committee, giving encouragement and assistance as needed. Your activities and spirit must reveal your passion to see the goals accomplished. Be proactive, not passive, in your style. Actively coach or manage your team. You must set an example in the quality of your prayer, generosity and sacrifice. You will personify the program at the church. You may be asked to make public announcements. It is important that the people view you as a leader in this effort.  
Timeline: January through May 2013
Advance Commitment Chair
For a financial program to be a success, those who are in leadership positions must establish a financial base by those who are able to make substantial commitments. Your responsibility will be to give these people the opportunity and the challenge to make their commitments in ADVANCE of the rest of the membership. Please remember that if the overall goal is to be reached, there must be some large, pace-setting commitments. That will inspire all of the membership to make sacrificial commitments. 
Timeline: January through March 2013
Special Events Chair
You have the privilege of planning and preparing for the Special Event, which will be one of the most important events in this whole program. This event will be a special gathering for the entire membership! It will probably be held at the church. You will be responsible for working with the Pastor and Campaign Director to make the arrangements and plan for logistics and food services. The gathering will be the focal point of the program and should be a time of great fellowship. 
Timeline: February through mid-May 2013
Hospitality Chair
You have the privilege of assisting in the preparation for one of the most important events in this program the Special Event, scheduled near the Congregational Phase of the campaign. It is one of the focal points of the entire program. You will want to work very closely with the Pastor, Campaign Chair and Special Events Chair to make this a very special time. You will probably build the largest organization in the program to assist in at least two areas:
  • To call every household of the church and warmly encourage the people to attend the Special Event. The Hospitality Organization members will receive reservations, if appropriate.
  • To be present at the Special Event and to assist in meeting and greeting the people. We want every person to be welcomed in a warm, friendly manner
Timeline: March and April 2013
Communication Chair
The position of the Communication Chair is established to fulfill several vital purposes: 
  • To clearly inform the church body of the proposed project and how, financially, it can be accomplished.
  • To provide continuously updated reports to the church body on the progress of the program.
  • To keep the church body informed of upcoming meetings and activities, to define their purpose and function, and to encourage participation.
  • To inspire the church body towards an active response to the financial needs of the church.
Accomplishing these objectives will require the use of publicity and the production of various promotional materials.  You will be required to enlist a small organization to work with you. Your work will be coordinated with the other Leadership Team members. 
Timeline: January through May 2013
Prayer Team Chair
The Prayer Team Chair will develop a prayer support team that will pray on a regular basis for campaign activities, Leadership Team members, and major campaign events. In addition, a church-wide prayer emphasis will be planned to take place during the public phase of the campaign. 
The Prayer Team Chair will be asked to:
  • Enlist a Prayer Team
  • Develop a Prayer Calendar
  • Organize the Prayer Team
  • Implement a special prayer feature to involve the entire    congregation. 
Timeline: January through May 2013

Children and Youth Activities Team Chair
  • Work with the church staff and appropriate church leaders to involve children and youth and their families in the Capital Campaign.
  • As needed, provide childcare for the campaign training activities, Leader Commitment Fellowship(s) and Special Event.
  • Create prayer emphasis materials for children to coordinate with the prayer emphasis being developed by the Prayer Support Directors.
  • Consider including item(s) in information packets at the Special Event specifically for children and youth; coordinate this with Administrative Coordinator(s).
  • Provide appropriate Sunday School curriculum for the weeks following the Special Event.
  • Develop a children’s pledge card and youth pledge card for Commitment Sunday.
  • Coordinate plans for school age children at the Special Event with the Special Event Director(s). This will include, but is not limited to, space use, food service, scheduling, etc. 
Timeline: March through May 2013
Materials Delivery Team Chair
The Materials Delivery Team chair will be responsible for recruiting a group of volunteers to assemble and hand deliver campaign materials (with pledge materials) to church members who did not attend the All-Church event.   The team members’ responsibilities include:
          To enthusiastically hand deliver the materials to each household designated to receive one. 
Timeline: March through early May 2013
Commitment/Follow-Up Team Chair
The Follow-Up Director will oversee the enlistment of an organization that will be responsible for receiving commitments from those who plan to make a commitment, but were unable to turn in their cards by Celebration Sunday.  The Director of this team must be able to motivate and manage people; be dependable, persistent, and willing to follow through; and be a respected leader of the church. 
Timeline: May through August 2013
Enduring Gifts Chair
The Enduring Gifts Director will be responsible for building an organization to identify church leaders and potential major donors in order to encourage them to make commitments through bequests, trusts and life income plans. This team will assist in planning and implementing educational workshops. Leaders of this team must have a working knowledge of planned gifts development, have the ability to make an enduring gift to the campaign, and be deeply committed to the project and to the campaign.  
Timeline: February through May 2013
The Coordinator will be the materials and operations administrator for the campaign. You will oversee and help to manage the enlistment process and will be responsible for campaign mailings. Your position is vital to the successful operation of the campaign. Duties include:
  • To insure an updated and complete data base of the church membership to be used in the campaign.
  • To keep a record of all of the people enlisted for the campaign teams.
  • To organize and carry-out campaign mailings according to the campaign calendar. 
Timeline: January through May 2013
Note: Any of the above positions may be co-chaired by two people.